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Slide Mission A Formula SAE electric team PERFORMANCE DRIVEN Due to the competitive nature of FSAE, we are constantly striving for results both on and off the track. A cohesive planning and design process allows us to engineer an effective car that is fast and also light enough in weight that can make us more competitive than other teams. Teamwork is involved to meet our requirements and goals to achieve an effective formula electric race car. ENGINEERING CULTURE Through utilizing the fundamentals of engineering, we are developing a system that is both innovative and beneficial to consumers. At SRE we follow an implemented design process similar to that of businesses in the Engineering field. Members are shown how to approach tasks through hands on experience and learn about the engineering cycle of systems. FUTURE OF ENERGY As seen in history, automotive racing pushes innovation to be competitive in the racetrack. However, these innovations do not end there. Many of the advances tested and perfected in racecars have trickled down to regular cars, improving reliability, safety, handling, and efficiency. Now, modern pursuit of electrification of racecars are pioneering new technologies in the racetrack to be seen on the roads of tomorrow.

Slide Team Mechanical 4 link suspension front pull rod and rear push rod verified VD optimized rigid chassis 45:55 weight distribution Powertrain Custom battery pack 80kw Motor BATTERY PACK in house pcb design high performance vcu Aero-Composites Custom Carbon Fiber Body High Down-force Carbon Fiber Wings Optimized Carbon Fiber Undertray Enhanced Composite Air and Water Cooling Systems Resilient Fiberglass Driver's Seat

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